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SALE! Check out the biggest hits at bargain prices!


SALE! Check out the biggest hits at bargain prices!

SneakerStudio reduces prices of our best products! It's an unique opportunity to get a pair of reliable shoes or upgrade your sneakers collection with a yet another pair - all for a reasonable price. On the sale you can find urban light classic models as well as winter boots. The sale includes also sportswear and trendy accessories from top designers and manufacturers. From the list of over 500 discounted products, we'd like to present 5 biggest hits:

adidas Jake Blauvelt Boot

Slob, muddy snow, melting and freezing and melting again outside? Unidentified wet substance falls from the sky? In short, it's grey, ugly and generally unpleasant? You must be in a typical Polish city in the winter then! How to put through this reality, staying stylish and maintaining the dignity (which can be understood as refraining from wearing Wellingtons)? We've got an answer - adidas Jake Blauvelt Boot. High quality leather reliably protects from cold and humidity. An additional plus? They have an obstrusive snowboard vibe to them!

Bargain price: €162,30 -> €104,50    

Reebok Club C 85

Reebok Club C 85 - a silhouette eternally in vogue, uniting comfort of a typical sport shoe with casual elegance. The story behind those sneakers is intertwined with the sport in which Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or an enfant terrible - Andre Agassi - are the masters. You don't know who those gentlemen are? Don't worry - they probably don't have a clue about you either. What is more important is that those sneakers were designed a long time before any of them launched his career. Since 1986 they managed to make a successful transfer from world's top tennis courts to an urban environment, where they stay triumphant until the day today.

Bargain price: €94,80 -> €69,50

New Balance 999

For those ladies who love to keep on moving, New Balance 999 model is a perfect offer. Their full potential can be experienced mostly during the workout. They are perfect for jogging, fitness or the gym. New Balance sneakers guarantee a maximum foot stabilization and cushioning always, thanks to the 3D ABZORB® shock-reduction cushioning system. Streamline, slighlty futuristic look counts for something too, together with their bright, eye-catching color. You are going unnoticed by your gym friend, despite trying hard? If the flashing white and silver of those sneakers won't draw his or her attention, then there might be no hope left whatsoever...

Bargain price: €112,30 -> €67,00    

Nike Air Max 1 Jewel Premium

Can you guess what do these two have in common: one of the most recognizable sneakers' models in the world and Paris Centre Pompidou? Before we tell you, think about one specific trait of both of them and try to figure out what could have been electrfying over 30 years ago. At first glance, the aesthetical common denominator is hard to see, but Tinker Hatfield, Air Max designer, thought differently. For him, the transparency was the next big thing. Inspired by an application of transparency in Pompidou's plan, he made transparecny a foundation of his sneakers design. This is how the very first Air Max model was born - in which the cushions located under heels were visible. Why would anyone look at them, though? It's not clear at all, but the fact is, and there is no mistake there, that Air Max 1 have become an icon of ubran style throughout the world...

Bargain price: €147,30 -> €112,00    

Reebok Workout Plus

Imagine sneakers perfect for any sport discipline (okay, for skiing and swimming they may not be perfect...), but also a perfect fit for any outfit (again, excluding suits etc.) as well as suitable for any occasion (no funerals or mountain hiking). Sounds like shoes that you could just never take off... Imagine the time saved! Your only problem would probably be how to put your pants on and take a shower, but you'd figure this out in the end. Sneakers this versatile actually do exist - these are Reebok Workout Plus. Created in 1984 and initially designed for cross-training, hence their flexibility. PS. But for real, better to take them off when you go to sleep....

Bargain price: 379PLN -> 149PLN

Puma X Fenty Rihanna Chelsea Sneaker Boot

These original, ladies' sneakers were released in 2015 and the next year they won a "Shoe of the Year" award. Why? Is it for Rihanna branding? Platforms' return to fashion? Or maybe unique fusion of offbeat look with their practicality? Surely it's not for their name, a bit long... Whatever's the X factor here, Puma X Fenty Rihanna Chelsea Sneaker Boots are amazingly popular. Pop star from Barbados managed to mix the elements of legendary Puma Suede with those of classic creepers. As a result, a fall-winter boots on a high sole were born - on the one hand resembling punk aesthetics, on the other - with elegant details. Sound explosive? Well, because it is - it's a mixture of durability and lightness, the rebellious and the ingenue, everyday practicality with high-end style.

Bargain price: €244,80 -> €149,50

We've presented only 5 sneakers models, out of hundreds available on SneakerStudio sale! You will find much, much more - not only sneakers, but also trendy jackets, hoodies, scarfs and hats. Catch them while you can!


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