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6 Vans models not only for youngsters

"Vans" stands for youth. It's an essential element of kids' and teens' apparel. Their vibe resembles a bit that of Converse sneakers - they're both typical for rebel subcultures, such as punk or hip-hop. In the U.S. Vans began as footwear intended for skateboarding or BMX. The company manufactured also snowboarding and surfing equipment. But who those sports were for youth only? After all, isn't youth a state of mind?! That is why we're gonna show you 6 Vans models meant to not only to excite the young, but also the slightly older ones...

Back to basics - Vans Old Skool

As the name itself suggests, these shoes are to be associated with times long gone. If any sneakers are branded as "old-school", then the youngest customers have no right to remember the primal hype. For instance Vans Old Skool rule the 1970s, and it was mainly worn by kids spending most of their time on skating around. Today, these kids are 60+, but their sneakers from years back still dictate the fashion trends. How's that fair?

Vans Old Skool, among many of their distinctive features there are rubber waffle sole and suede upper details. Their sides are decorated with an iconic stripe, commonly associated with the Californian brand. Back and white checkerboard patterns is definitely one of the most widely recognized Vans' colorways. Is anyone surprised? Perhaps only the youngest are, as ones unable to recollect how hyped that design was.

Times long gone - Vans Era 59

There is a certain dignity about those shoes. Looking at them is as if at someones who's lived a full life. Thinking about them as skateboard shoes feels weird, too. But that was originally the main purpose of Era 59. Era 59 Vans. Until today, they remain to be determinants of street style. Owing to simplicity of construction and flexible sole, the Vans Era 59 sneakers offer maximum comfort. Their design is also hard to pass over. Their look will successfully complement any - even old-fashioned - appearance.

An afternoon chess match - Vans Classic Slip-On

Crossing the magical limit of the age of 25 makes strange things happen to us all. Memory starts to fail one in a while, there's a pain here and there, and so on... Leaving the house with no glasses on is a risk. From that moment on, you have to make life easier. With hands shaking and backbone aching, lacing your shoes becomes quite a challenge. So, why try at all, when you may have good, old slip-in Vans sneakers?

Vans Classic Slip-On is probably the brand's leading. Slipped sneakers can even be considered slippers. But, oh, what kind of slippers are they! A black and white chessboard pattern is mandatory. And since chess are not typically an attribute of youth entertainment... A coincidence? Don't think so.

Sneakers like wine ... - Vans Authentic

Someone wise once said that certain shoes are like wine - the older, the better. It does not necessarily include any pair of sneakers worn since the Beatles' broke up. It's more about the history of the model itself. Vans Authentic make a great example here. They prove beyond any doubt that the remake will never match the original. Film examples immediately line up to back up this thesis: "The Mummy", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Friday the 13th". It's the same with shoes - Vans Authentic's authenticity is unparalleled. They were released in 1966. They are women's often pick, for their simple and versatile style. Lightweight, comfy and in countless colorways - they make a perfect fit for any apparel. While teenage customers are increasingly into sneakers attracting the eye with detail-rich design, minimalism counts for slightly older users.

Her Majesty - Vans SK8-HI

Legendary Vans lace-up high top model. Fits the foot perfectly, which guarantees full freedom of movement to their user. Regardless of the activity type, these shoes can only be your ally. Designed for withstanding an all-day use, discomfort-free. Vans SK8-HI can be therefore enjoyed by die-hard sk8ers as well as those who simply love a comfy footwear.

There is also a modest elegance about the vansów SK8-HI design. Simplicity is its foundation, an idea expressed by wave-shaped line on the side. Their distinctive aesthetics makes them being picked by middle schoolers as often as by youngsters in terms of the state of mind. They can be picked exactly for the purpose of "refreshing" the apparel a bit.

Around the world wearing Vans - UltraRange Rapid

This model is dedicated for surfers traveling around the world. Lightweight and breathing - this is how Vans UltraRange Rapid first and foremost are like. They provide full comfort and withstand any harsh conditions. They're one of the toughest in in Vans family.

Since vans UltraRange Rapid make great travel and/or hiking equipment, too, not only the young will fin them useful. Older ones will, too. When it comes to high quality, age ceases to matter. This includes sneakers, too.

Vans prove that youth is a state of mind.

Although the Vans' PR clearly targets the young ones, the design and functionality of their shoes will satisfy everyone. When it comes to shoes of that many qualities, the group's age does not matter. Check out also other Vans models in SneakersStudio >>


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