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CHECK OUT the SneakerStudio streetwear brands ranking: Nike leads the pack!

The city's streets, where the streetwear style is formed, have their own dynamic – if you can't keep up, you're out of the game. The tastes of the crowd change quickly, as do trends and even brand loyalty. Are you curious which brand is on top on British streets and which has long since lost its street cred? Check out the streetwear ranking of SneakerStudio brands.

Top three: Nike, Vans, adidas

The British most often searched for products from brands such as Nike, Vans and adidas. The above infographic clearly shows that the top-ranking companies are way ahead of their competition. The brand with the famous swoosh scored 19,684,300, which leaves other brands far behind! As a comparison: the second place in the ranking went to the Vans brand, which achieved a result of 12,900,820 searches per month on Google. Adidas closes out the top three with 10,369,880 searches per month on Google.

Reebok is way behind. Which brands are lagging behind in the ranking?

The top five in the British market ranking included the brands Converse (5,365,980 searches on Google) and Dr. Martens (1,331,380 searches on Google). The following spots, i.e. sixth, seventh and eighth place, were: Timberland, New Balance and Asics, respectively.

The very low position of Reebok in the entire ranking may be surprising. It would seem that this British brand, which has existed for over a hundred years, will be more popular among Internet users on its domestic market. However, the truth is completely different – with a result of 985,650 searches per month on Google, it comes in second to last.

Based on data from the Google Keywords Planner tool we can also see that the British relatively rarely search for the German brand Birkenstock (588.76 searches per month on Google). How do the brands in question present themselves internationally?

The most popular streetwear brands in the world

Nike is a popular brand chosen by most fans of street style without hesitation. Especially in Slovakia, it has the most followers – in this country alone, Nike had almost 50% of the market share! It also boasts a large market share in Germany: 42.50%, and in the neighbouring France – 41.95%.

Adidas took second place in the ranking of the most popular brands in most of the surveyed countries. Especially in Poland, adidas is the clear leader (29.03% market share) and the same is true for Romania (27.93%). The British and Hungarian markets are an exception to this rule. In these two cases, the German brand was defeated by Vans.

Interestingly, adidas is not the most popular brand in its home country. In Germany, it only comes in second (11,424,700 Google searches per month), and its market share is 26.34%.   Vans is the third most popular streetwear brand in the world. Vans has the largest market share in Hungary (27.37%), Great Britain (23.61%) and the Czech Republic (23.48%). It ranks second in countries such as the United Kingdom (12,900,820 Google searches per month) and Hungary (1,038,010 Google searches per month). In contrast to that, in Germany, Poland, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia, it ranks third in terms of market share. The same is also true for Ukraine and Romania.

At the end of the list on the international stage you can find, among others, Birkenstock (in countries such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, UK, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary). On the other hand, in Germany, the Timberland brand came in last – the brand has 1.58% market share, which a big surprise to many.

How did we build the ranking?

The research was based on the comparison of the overall volume of users searching for the most popular brands using the Google search engine. We used the Google Keyword Planner tool in 10 selected countries. The ranking includes sports brands that are the most popular among Internet users. The potential of all 10 brands represents 100% of the market share, and each brand has been converted into a separate percentage, on the basis of which the ranking was then created. The main parameter for the calculation of a given market share is the number of users' searches in the Google search engine.

Public Use

The data and infographics presented in the report constitute public use and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, if the author of the analysis is indicated and a link to this subpage is present.  

Check out the ranking in the other surveyed countries!  

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