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Dress code: which sneakers go well for the office?

It's MONDAY - time of parting with the weekend and to let go the "letting go" attitude. It's time to hang up the dressing-gown, leave your batcave and face the people. Unforutately, before you can, you need to spruce up. Your hairstyle needs attention, your beard - trimming and your make-up putting it on. That's not all. To show your good faith, it'd be nice if you took some shirt, ironed it, and, on the top of it, polished your high heels and then wear them. For five days in a row - that's what you have ahead of you, dressed like that. It's not a strange thing that in these moments you're looking longingly at your sneakers - comfy, breathing, and expressing your actual self. So maybe... skip the work?   

Sneakers in the office - dare to chill

  ... well, we don't support doing that. We've got a much better idea. Put those sneakers on, and then after that - off to work! Reason is that nowadays two trends meet each other halfway and criss-cross. The first one is skyrocketing sneakers' popularity. Once strictly sports shoes, they are no longer. The second trend is the employers' insistence of creating a positive atmoshpere is the offices they manage. But it' not only organizing team appreciation events, implementing a demonstrative censorship on corpospeak in the workplace or having casual fridays - many companies try to go further and they abandon dress-code at all. Thus, they allow the employees to come to the office dressed however they want. It doesn't mean that it's compulsory to march into a workplace in a favourite onesie and slippers on. Or without these or anything whatsoever - even though corpoworld has actually witnessed that too... On the other hand, what is absolutely allowed is supplementing your casual style with your favourite sneakers. And this is how we are back to the topic of Mondays...

A new meaning of "dress shoes"

By saying "dress shoes", one usually means black, shiny low-heeled Oxfords or full-fledged high-heeled Louboutins. The latter ones are option for women, however the comfort they "provide" is legendary. Today things are different. More and more often casual style meets formal, resulting in exciting mixes. As a fine example, take a look at sneakers chosen to match a suit - a solution that works for both men and women.    

Usually the choice here falls on bright shoes: white or kept in different shades of grey, they can match creased pants and a jacket perfectly, however, under one condition - if the suit in question is no longer classically plain black. Some courage in picking a color of your suit is required here. Among the poular choices, there are burgundy, dark blue or grey ones. Suits kept in this palette simply beg for matching them with versatile sneakers. Example models that definitely work here are Reebok Npc II Tg (see the photo above) or Nike Air Force 1:


Sneakers & jeans

  Sneakers come with jeans like Bonnie does with Clyde. Like ketchup and mustard, together on a hot-dog. They can exist separately, but what good are then they? Nothing underlines the universally appreciated jeans facture like well-matched sneakers. And the other way around - nothing brings out sneakers better than well-tailored pair of trousers. Versatility of both parts of the set is crucial in this effect. Both of these - sneakers and jeasn - can serve as elements of both non-formal stylizations as well as those rather official. Therefore matching jeans' navy blue with pretty much any sneakers you can lay your hands on, is a good idea. The easiest thing to do here is picking either white, grey or black shoes to match your pants. However, if your feel like trying out a fashion experiment, nothing stands in your way. If you trust yourself in this matter, risk monochromatic green or red. Confidence and Picasso-like sense of innovation should however cease when you start to consider sneakers in multiple colors. Here a magical border lies - the more explicit colors your sneakers have, the more explicit they will be in the big picture of your office outfit. And your aim was to create a rather toned stylization, wasn't it? You can, on the other hand, decide on a shirt with a collar and a tail-coat or a jacket, to make the jeans-and-sneakers based set complete.


Pin the high heels down

  Nothing creates a better mix of elegance and womanhood than a carefully picked dress or skirt. And sneakers perform no less well in such a set than high heels, underlining the legs' silhouette. Many women's choice will fall on sneakers. It's not only for their practical virtues - comfort, foot stabilization, cushioning and their breathing materials. Sneakers also make you look younger. Being typically an element of a teenage style, they allow anyone, who chooses a model well, to present themselves as a person of positive attitude. Dresses and midi skirts are perfectly ok for the office. And they do not, contrary to appearances, demand putting high heels on and torture your feet all day long. It's totally fine to pick comfy and colorful sneakers to match a dress or a skirt - adidas Originals Campus makes a great example. This fashion trick will not only allow ladies to feel comfortable all day long in the office, but will also bring some more life in there!

Mixing smart casual office fashion with sneakers comes with many perks. On the one hand, comfort is thus guaranteed, and on the other - anyone can express their own style and personality this way. Put on sneakers to match a suit jacket or a dress and show them all - your coworkers - that you are not a sad "corporate rat"! .  


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