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How to choose a women's jacket for spring?


The sunshine outside the window is definitely one of the first signs that spring is coming. Finally, you will be able to spend more time outside and observe the unfolding nature with pleasure. It's also high time to put your winter clothes in the closet and get spring jackets. Let's find out how to choose a women's jacket in the spring.

Spring jacket - cut and style

One of the most essential things to consider when choosing a spring jacket is its cut and style. In stores, you can find oversize jackets, which have been very trendy for a few seasons now, bomber jackets or classic parka jackets. Each of these types of spring jackets has its enthusiasts. That's why, when choosing a jacket, you should not only consider what's in fashion now but also what are your personal preferences and style.

If you usually wear streetwear clothes, a bomber or oversize jacket will be a good choice. It will fit your style and make you always look gorgeous.

If you prefer more subdued clothes, a parka jacket will be a much better idea. It is a universal outfit that works well in combination with a sporty outfit style, so that your outfit will get less streetwear look,as well as in combination with a typical casual outfit. It's a timeless model, so it's worth choosing if you're looking for a jacket that is suitable for any situation.

Also pay attention to the jacket’s length. Most bombers end at the top of the hips, some of them are even shorter. Parka jackets are a bit longer and are more likely to be chosen by women who prefer warm clothes.

What's the best material for a spring jacket?

When choosing a spring jacket, consider the material of which it is made. The right material not only influences the style of the jacket, but also the comfort of use. Jeans jackets, suede jackets and leather jackets have become in fashion again, although... one might even say that they have never been out of fashion. The fabrics used for their production remain the example of timeless materials, which have been used for many years and are often chosen not only for their excellent look, but also for their exceptional durability.

Some spring jackets are made of waterproof materials providing great protection against rain. The membrane protects from soaking, but at the same time the skin can breathe, which significantly improves wearing comfort. They are light and quick-drying, what makes them perfect for both short and long trips.

Women's spring jacket - what type of fastener to choose?

When looking for women's spring jackets, you will surely notice that they also have different types of fasteners. Among them, you will find jackets with buttons, naps, zipper or worn over the head. The choice is yours and mostly depends on your personal preferences. Some people love zippered jackets as they can be zipped very quickly, while others prefer buttoned jackets as they have an extra decorative element. It's difficult to say which of these solutions are the best, as the decision is definitely determined by your preferences.

Important details of women's spring jacket

When choosing a cut, you should not only consider the type of jacket, but also pay attention to details. You can opt for a jacket with a collar, stand-up or hooded jackets. Note that some women's transitional jackets are almost plain and have no pockets, while others are full of pockets. They are not only functional, as you can easily hide your keys, tissues or phone in them, but also decorative.

Sometimes they become one of the most important decorative elements of a jacket, especially if they have additional buttons, flaps or the are made of fabrics in a different colour. This gives the jacket a really nice character and makes it more visually attractive.

What colour to choose?

The last element of the list is its colour. The variety of colours may even surprise you - so the choice of colour is not that easy! On one side we have very classic colours such as navy blue, black or military green, and on the other side - light pink or blue. You will also find women's spring jackets in very energetic colours such as red or yellow. It can be even more difficult for you to choose the colour of your jacket when you notice that not only single-coloured models are offered, but also colourful ones that attract attention.

With such a wide selection of jackets you may feel a little overwhelmed, but we suggest you look at it from a different perspective. Thanks to this wide range, you can easily find your jacket in one of your favourite colours or in several colours, so that you can easily combine it with other pieces of your wardrobe to create a nice and trendy look.

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