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How to choose the right sneakers for you? 5 shopping tips

Sneakers are not just shoes anymore - they're in themselves a lifestyle. This has been the case for a long time now. Despite this seemingly obvious fact, that sneakers have become a part of many people's everyday life, the same people keep making still the same shoe-shopping mistakes. And the consequences can actually be quite serious - exceeding those of just getting uncomfortable pair of shoes. There is a way out of it, though! We are proud to present you 5 golden shopping rules, that need to be kept in mind when getting new shoes, sneakers included...  

1. Sneakers all year round

It's sometimes difficult to figure a human out. Seriously. When walking down a Polish town street, take a look at people's feet. Their fashion decisions can sometimes be a true mystery - for instance, what makes a person choose low cut sneakers when there's a layer of snow and mud out there? Wet, frozen feet and, at the top of it, possibly ruined shoes in exchange for showcasing your ankle seems like a rather raw deal. Isn't there the right time for everything, though? If you want to stick to Converse in winter, it's much better to pick made of leather Chuck Taylor Wp Boot, over numerous textile models. When summer kicks in, classic Converse sneakers can come back in full glory.

Sneakers' color matters too. Especially spring and autumn require taking a break from seemingly universal white. Considering the amount of time you will waste every day on trying to make your shoes squeaky clean, it's just not worth it. Instead, pick sneakers in darker color palette - mud and dust won't be as visible on them and you will save lots of time and nerves

2. Expectations versus reality

Ever fallen in love with the sneakers, that all of your idols already have and wear all the time, and so you want them too and your desire is absolutely non-negotiable? Even though an indulgence is sometimes a must, the prudent will think twice before making a choice. What's most wanted is not necessarily what's good for you. Fashion is one thing, but real requirements of everyday shoes - that is a different thing entirely. Before making a purchase, think how much do you spend every day in your shoes without a possibility to take them off. Think about the distances you cover every day and what kind of conditions are there. If you mostly commute by car and are able to change your shoes a couple of times, you can afford to pick shoes with flat sole and weaker respiration. On the other hand, if you need to cover distances as long as "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" protagonist, walking on surfaces that could have inspired the lyrics for "Rocky Road to Dublin", pick fully comfortable and reliable sneakers, Nike Air Max 95 Premium for instance. Also, the technical details such as sneakers' respiration and insoles' quality need to be closely looked at. It is also perfect, if the insoles will be antibacterial - this will keep the odour out.

3. The fashion... 

Enough said about the practical aspect, necessity of comfort, yadda, yadda... Not to preach, this one needs to be said loud and clear: looks matter! Especially when it comes to sneakers, the choice is loaded with consequences. A general sneakers' advantage is that they look moreless the same on everyone, never mind the person's weight or silhouette. Dozens of sneakers are being released all the time, in variety of designs, forms and colors. Thanks to this, it's possible to find a perfect sneaker fit for pretty much any possible circumstances.

What's the greatest fashion advantage of sneakers, if you ask me? Their versatility, I say. There are sports sneakers, smart casual ones, even pretty official - you name it. You can pick sneakers fitting an exact outfit or more generic, suitable for wide range of clothes. Think and choose a model that will always fit your personality and your taste - not necessarily whatever half of your town has currently fell for, but doesn't seem right for you. Watch the trends, but trust your gut. Period.  

4. …and the comfort

Okay, back to preaching - trust your gut, yes, but don't let it make the decision for you. If you feel that the shoe you're trying on is not perfect, don't act like those sisters of Cinderella and just let it go. Sneakers made of crystal surely are tempting, but your sore heels and hurting toes just are not worth a perfect appearance during the prince's ball, sticking to the metaphor. Trends do influence the sneakers' world, but they are also ever-changing. Your comfort, on the other hand, has to be there always. Comfort is of course a matter of subjective impression... Take for instanceChuck Taylor All Star against any Nike Air Max. Some will find their comfort in the sneakers' lightness, while for others the unnaturally high sole will be a nightmare. For others, it will be the other way around - they will eternally fall for cushioning, saying "no" to thin soles.. 

5. Why the heck do I need those anyway?!

Last, but not least - one of the biggest mistake you can make! It's making a purchase solely on impulse. Don't get me wrong. If you want to have the 365th pair of sneakres in your collection - be my guest. But if by any chance you want to buy shoes that are to be worn daily for the next two or three seasons, take a moment to think about their main purpose. Are they supposed to be perfect for your workplace, or school time? Or maybe for nights out with friends? Jogging sneakers do differ from Sunday ones. if you are thinking about getting "all in one" sneakers, stop it right now! As once said by a very wise man, if something is to be all for one, it ends up being one for none. That's a general truth and a truth about sneakers as well. You need different shoes to be worn in different circumstances. It's better to wear Diadora Tokyo at your uni, and for jogging - adidas UltraBoost. You see the difference, don't you?

Being crazy about sneakers, don't forget to make your purchases wisely. The better your thinking will be, the longer the joy of the purchase will last!


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