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How to clean your Timberlands?


Timberlands are one of the most popular models of The Timberland Company. The shoes are exceptionally versatile, you can wear them both for casual meetings in the city center and for city breaks with your friends. If you want Timberlands to serve you for more than one season, you should take proper care of them. So how to do it? Well, it’s a piece of cake. You will learn everything from this article.

Timberland shoe cleaners

The shoe polish will be the best in the case of minor dirt (dust and dirt on the sole or upper). When choosing the right product, you need to make sure it is dedicated to the specific material that your Timberlands are made of. Here, you will need a special preparation for nubuck. It is applied with the use of a dedicated preparator. Moreover, it is also worth investing in a suitable shoe repellent, and a freshener that will help you get rid of the unpleasant smell from your shoes. Just apply the product regularly to keep your boots clean not only on the outside but also on the inside.

How do you clean your Timberlands with the use of home remedies?

If you don't have the right shoe cleaner at home, a damp cloth may be enough. It will help you get rid of the dust and dirt that is gathered on your shoes. If there is some serious dirt on the soles of your Timberlands, you can use an old toothbrush to clean it. Just brush the dirty part gently. If the dirt doesn't disappear, use a damp cloth with soap - apply it to the surface of your shoe, then wipe delicately. Leave the shoes to dry in a shady place with access to fresh air.

Taking care of Timberlands - what to avoid?

There are certain things you should not do to your nubuck shoes. Don’t immerse them in water and don't put them in a sunny place or under a radiator to dry out. Otherwise they may deform or discolor.

Prevention is better than cure - read the Timberland shoe specification

To start with, you should know what Timberland shoes are made of. Thanks to being aware that they have nubuck uppers and rubber soles, you can select an appropriate cleaning method. Moreover, the material from which Timberlands are made tells you when it’s best to wear them and when it’s better to choose a different model. There is one simple conclusion - because of the waterproofness Timberlands are perfect for cold or even frosty days. However, they still shouldn’t be neglected so take proper care of them during the autumn-winter season. Choose a repellent that will ensure extra protection of your sneakers.

Unique Timberlands - perfect for everyday activities

Timberlands are designed for everyone who appreciates the workwear style. The shoes are an ideal base for many looks, including both fancy and bold outfits as well as more minimalistic ones. Our online store offers various Timberland models - choose something that will suit your needs!

How to clean your Timberlands - summary

Use appropriate specifications or home remedies to clean your Timberlands. Instead of a special Timberland shoe cleaner, you can use a slightly damp cloth with soap or a special nubuck cleaner. Clean the dried mud with a worn, soft toothbrush. But first, remember to take care of your favorite boots before you wear them, this way they will serve your for longer than a year.

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