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How to wear a winter hat? Our suggestions may be surprising!


The winter atmosphere is undeniably charming. Snow creaking underfoot, white flakes whirling in the air, a gentle feeling of frost on your face, dense steam clouds coming out of your mouth - these are indisputable signs that winter has arrived. Everyone needs to be properly prepared for such circumstances. In this case, choosing a winter hat can get a bit problematic, after all, it is supposed to be warm, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Keep reading our today’s article and find out how to wear a winter hat! Answers to this seemingly trivial question can really surprise you. Enjoy!

What should a winter hat be made of?

Before discussing the aesthetic values (we will discuss a few popular models and tell you for whom they are perfect), let’s talk about the fabrics winter hats are made of. There are basically two options: natural and artificial fabrics. Within these two options, we most recommend woolen or fleece products. Wool provides thermal insulation, while fleece can be used by athletes due to its thermal exchange (it warms the head and lets air through at the same time). People prone to allergic reactions should rather avoid woolen winter hats. However, they can buy woolen hats whose inside is lined with fleece (this fabric will provide adequate insulation from wool, which some people may be allergic to). If you want to get a hat that will withstand a lot, you can go for an acrylic model that is elastic and durable. However, this fabric is perfect for warmer days as it doesn’t hold heat. Try to avoid winter hats with a lot of stretch fabric that will flatten your hair and squeeze your head - after taking such a hat off, you won’t look particularly attractive.

Winter hats - with or without a bobble?

Bobble winter hats can be associated with childhood, after all, we were the most willing to put them on our heads during this period of our lives. Even though the carefree times of making snowmen or snow angels, building igloos, or fighting in snow battles are long gone, bobble hats are still in. Moreover, today even more adults choose them. Colorful woolen bobble hats will make your look a little more vivid and they will also show that you are a relaxed person with a great sense of humor. They will perfectly match snow boots, jeans, sweaters and down jackets. It is up to your individual preferences whether you will go for a winter hat with or without a bobble. If you think bobble hat won’t match your look, then you can buy a different model.

Beanie hats - iconic minimalism

Although today beanie hats are widely recognized among sneakerheads, their origins date back to the times of ancient Rome. Their prototypes, combined with revolutionary roots were considered a symbol of freedom. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular streetwear accessories and although the first beanies were launched as early as in the 1970s, this model changed drastically due to social and fashion revolutions. The loose cut and provocative slogans on prints and patches haven't changed over the next decades (the texts have changed, of course, but their character stayed the same) and remain the basic characteristic of beanie hats until today. Despite their bold design, more and more people combine these hats with elegant coats - not necessarily casual and sports ones, although they match them too. The smooth or lined structure of the retro beanies can be a great add-on that will enrich even a mundane look. You can slip your beanie back a little bit so that it exposes your forehead and fringe to make you look more nonchalant. However, if you put the rolled up hat on top of your head, above your ears, then you will continue the trend started by the workers of the cutters.

Nurse your hair before wearing a hat

There are several ways to wear hats. To put it simply, everything depends on the cut and individual preferences. However, before putting on your hat, you should style your hair in such a way so that it won’t get damaged by the hat. Oils will moisturize it and an ionised hair dryer will prevent your hair from getting static. These little remedies can make your hairstyle look perfect even when you take your hat off.

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