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Napapijri - a brand in love with nature


Napapijri is a brand with strange and mysterious name. The word is the Finnish term for the Arctic Circle and contrary to what you may think now, Finland is not the homeland of the brand. Napapijri originates from Italy, more specifically from the city of Aosta. It all began in 1987 when the founders of the brand got extremely inspired by the highest peak of the Alps - Mont Blanc. Each of the Napapijri products is the result of a fascination with the polar region and a tribute to the famous discoverers who created this exclusive brand. So let's see what Napapijri used to look like and what has changed since then.

One success after another - Bering Bag and Skidoo!

Napapijri - travel bag

Bering Bag was the first product by Napapijri. Great exploratory travels and an incredible lifestyle dictated by them were among the factors that inspired the designers to create the product. Bering Bag very quickly became a real icon and up till now it is still the most recognizable item designed by the brand. All of these due to the Napapijri philosophy closed in 60 cm long bag in a cylindrical shape named in honor of soldier and sailor Vitus Bering, who on the order of Tsarina Catherine II explored the waters of the Arctic Sea in the eighteenth century. But that's not the end of the innovations introduced by Napapijri. When the bag turned out to be so successful, the brand decided to expand its business with outdoor clothing which gained popularity and recognition among traveling enthusiasts. In order to maintain their strong position in the outdoor clothing market, the founders of Napapijri aimed at combining the original style with the top quality fabrics. That’s how a Skidoo jacket, an absolute success of Napapijri, emerged among jackets, sweatshirts and trousers characterized not only by adaptability to various weather conditions but also by interesting design. It all took place in 1990. Thanks to the use of special fabrics and technology, the Skidoo jacket was a breakthrough in the development of the brand. The product proved to be a perfect solution to the needs of all travelers and outdoor sports lovers. What contributed to such a success? Unique design was undoubtedly one of the decisive factors. It is impossible not to notice the lines of traditional Innuitian anoraks on the Skidoo jackets. Another equally important factor was the fact that the Skidoo jackets (similarly to other collections inspired by them) were able to meet the most extreme thermal needs (just like the Inuit clothing). The phenomenon of the Skidoo jackets seemed to be endless, therefore the Napapijri founders, inspired by the huge success, decided to take advantage of the potential, and thus in 1997 they expanded the line with trousers and accessories inspired by Skidoo.

Continuing efforts…

After the success of Skidoo, the brand owners decided to launch new campaigns and products whose quality and design were supposed to reassure the customers that the Napapijri brand is worth attention and interest. Each debuting collection was a successful attempt to convince the users that the past and the present are capable of creating the future. Thanks to the hard work, the brand entered the Japanese market in 1998 and five years later it started its collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. Unsurprisingly, the Skidoo jacket was the real star of the collection that resulted from the abovementioned cooperation. In 2007 Napapijri expanded its offer with new products, namely shoes. The extremely comfortable and at the same time safe city and trekking boots were eagerly welcomed by the customers. The brand developed on a par with its offer. In 2009 only 50 brick and mortar shops were available on the market and this number doubled in 3 years!

In harmony with nature - the philosophy of Napapijri

Napapijri shirt

The design of Napapijri which is in harmony with the philosophy of the brand deserves special attention.
Fashion and cuts perfect for those who see the meaning of life in traveling is one thing. A whole range of motifs referring to famous travelers reaching the farthest ends of the world is the other. Among these motifs we can distinguish emblems or patches and the most importantly - the Norwegian flag which is the logotype of the brand. However, design and technical parameters are not everything when it comes to Napapijri products. Such fascination with the polar world also applies to the protection of the natural environment. The brand is well aware of the fact that today's concern for the ecosystem is very important, therefore its owners gradually undertake actions aimed at reducing the negative impact of humans on the environment. One of such activities is giving up on using natural animal fur and bird down. Napapijri relies on artificial fibres (Thermo-Fibre™, Kanecaron®), which are produced without any chemicals harmful to the soil. One of the most crucial resolutions of the brand is the switch to the use of 100% renewable energy sources and the process is to last until 2025. Napapijri is a unique, original, extraordinary, functional, exclusive and at the same time eco-friendly brand perfect for the sneaker world. Would you fancy joining the Napapijri enthusiasts?

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