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Space trends in the big city. The 80s are back in streetwear


The 1980s were an extraordinary time for culture, art and fashion. A tremendous fascination with technology, space and disco music is probably the most characteristic feature of this period. Now, it is hard not to notice that this trend is again back on the city streets. Do you want to be up to date and avoid a faux pas? Keep reading our today’s article - you will find out why the space trend is back and what to do to join its enthusiasts!

Automation as the driving force behind the confusion

Down jackets, futuristic designs and fabrics as shiny as aluminium foil were extremely popular in the 1980s. All of these due to the fascination with technology and the vision of an automated future. Automation seemed to be getting more and more at hand. The digital world became open to people at that time which evoked a lot of emotions. This, in turn, influenced the fashion industry which acted like a real boomerang.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a fascination with outer space which dates back to the 1960s (when men began to conquer the interplanetary space). This trend has been successfully transferred to fashion and most people equipped their wardrobes with geometric shapes, architectural figures and inserts from other fabrics - elements that hadn’t been practiced until then.

The interest in automation and outer space has also influenced cinematography. The world became fascinated with science-fiction movies. Robocop, Back to the Future or iconic Star Wars are still known to everyone. Because of this people began to think that spacecraft traveling will be a part of their everyday life within 20 years. As it turned out, it looks a little bit different today…

Shoes straight from the moon

Although you probably don’t have a spaceship, thanks to Giancarlo Zanatta you can freely get a pair of shoes in this mood. Inspired by the style of the astronauts who landed on the moon in Apollo 11 in 1969, Zanatta decided to design snow boots out of this world. Moon Boots (because that’s what the shoes are still called) were supposed to be a model that is not affected by gravity. These shoes became an absolute must-have thanks to their soft upper, thick and insulating sole, lightness and shiny fabrics. All of these captivated customers and ensured that the model stayed fashionable for longer.

In 2002, the Louvre Museum declared the Moon Boot brand one of the most characteristic symbols of the 20th century. Taking a look at the unique design of these shoes full of futurism makes it hard to argue about the legitimacy of the abovementioned title.

Ugly shoes - the trend for futuristic sneakers

We could write about this type of sneakers for hours as the inspirations are innumerous. Although the idea of futuristic sneakers first appeared in the 1980s of the XX century, they are the most popular right now. We need to mention that today’s models refer to the dad fashion trend. One of the most remarkable cosmic models now is undoubtedly Fila V94M Low from 1994. As these shoes fully reflect the atmosphere of the 1990s, they are still very popular among sneakerheads. This is primarily due to the unique design combining numerous color panels. The characteristic, massive form of the model makes Fila V94M Low the best example of the dad fashion trend.

However, Fila is not the only brand specializing in manufacturing futuristic footwear. adidas also does great in this field and adidas Originals Tubular Shadow prove it best. Although the model has been available on the market since 1933, it is still very popular among the customers. These shoes owe their success to two factors - one of them is obviously the design and the other is the excellent cushioning inspired by car tyres. Initially, a special pump was attached to the shoes so that the wearers could inflate the sole according to their individual needs but later this technology got modified. The design was completed with a foam sole with an innovative, cylindrical shape. It turned out to be a great hit and sneakerheads today can still take advantage of adidas Tubular.

Fashion is like a boomerang and usually it comes back when we expect it the least. As far as futurism is concerned it seems natural because of the times we live in. Are you fond of streetwear in this form? If so, visit our website and see out-of-this-world must haves on our offer! Reach for the stars with!

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