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Spring time must-haves: 5 sneakers you need to get!

Few people in our country seem to lack a great desire to say goodbye to this winter. The temperatures may sometimes be still far from the dream-come-true ones, it keeps raining, and so heavy, insulated boots - by necessity - remain in our favors. Casting hopeful glances at the thermometers, we count down the days separating us from the moment we can put on lightweight, comfortable, drafty sneakers. Only one thing can compete with the feeling you get when you're dusting your favorite sneakers. It the kick of getting a brand new pair. In this post we'd like to suggest what models are worth our attention in the upcoming spring / summer 2018 season. No way around these shoes for any sneakerhead!   

Feel light like a bird

Do you remember those swaggy sneakers with red lights blinking in the soles that all the kids wanted to have years back? In the very beginning, the ownership of those indicated having a beloved auntie in the US. Later every second kid was running around in shoes like this. Anyway, the associations with long-gone fast times are clear and the recollection is vivid. Wish you could turn back time, to the good old days? Just as nature comes back to life in the spring, so can the years of youth be brought back. This season's sneakers hit – Nike Air Max 270 - is your time vehicle. Nike Air Max 270.

This model was inspired by two classics: Air Max 93 and Air Max 180. The brand new one, however, stands out with an airbag larger of all the ones previously used. Thus not only maximum comfort and cushioning is guaranteed, but so are the glances from the passer-by, as... the cushioning is transparent red. Contrasting the black, seamless upper, it appears shining - and that is exactly what brings to mind the kicks for kids. Nike Air Max 270 is an absolute must-have this spring. They will make you feel as light as birds returning to their nests from distant warm countries.

Bye-bye snow with adidas Originals

Spring - time of changes and rebirths. No wonder that we're welcomed with a brand new sneaker from adidas. adidas Originals Prophere in question is but a snowdrop, welcoming the spring with the whiteness of its ... soles. These are however miles away from the fragility of tiny flower petals. The association more correct is - if we'd like to stick to a climate metaphor - melting ice blocks. The massive, explicit soles are put together with a soft, three-striped upper. These are not only an ingenious referrence to the brand's logo, but also constitute an element of the lacing system on the one hand and work as a stabilizing cage for the ball of feet.

adidas Originals Prophere is undoubtedly one of the most interesting German brands' releases recently. Hard to overlook. Color-wise closer to winter, here comes a to-be icon of the spring / summer season of 2018.

Bring back the colors faster with Pharrell Williams!

A thing about winter that bings down the most is the tediousness of the color. At the same time, this feature of the winter time is thus an amazing opportunity to get to know the names of all fifty shades of gray (which sounds disturbingly familiar...), most of which would be probably inspired by Polish towns.

In the palette, there'd be such grey pearls as Krakow's Graphite, Warsaw Lead, or Bytom Ash.

Only spring with its joyful rainbow of colors can deliver us from this unhealthy creativity. Spring makes the grass green again. Pushes away smog, revealing the blue sky. And the sun rays bring forth warm colors from the urban architecture. All this can be seen in next spring big thing – adidas NMD Holi x Pharrell Williams Human Race.

This model comes in extremely exciting colorways. So we can choose the Tie-Dye variant, the name referring to the popular method of coloring clothes in all the colors of the rainbow. Or we can pick the Pink Glow resembling the deep space as depicted in sci-fi. Color is obviously not the only advantage of these shoes. Adidas NMD Holi x Pharrell Williams The Human Race features a comfortable upper and flexible sole, both allowing you to keep the outdoor activity going all day long. And they will be just what the sneakers you need when the sun will begin to spoil us.


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