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TOP 3 Men's all-looks fitting Converse sneakers

There are those men who simply love shoes. They strive to hunt down all the top models of sneakers and always find a perfect match between sneakers and their overall look. But there are also those who shudder at the thought of shopping and find an idea of a wardrobe full of shoes repulsive. For them, the ideal solution is to have one pair that would go well with literally everything. They will probably also accept a single pair of dress shoes (for their own wedding probably) and possibly a pair of hiking boots (choosing sneakers for climbing Ben Nevis might not be a great idea), but their baseline is to reduce the number of shoes in their possession. Regardless of which group you belong to, you will surely appreciate the versatile sneakers from Converse. They go swell for any kind of everyday look. Below we present 3 models of Converse sneakers which will spruce you up, no matter the rest of the clothes you wear.

Converse Fastbreak Hi Snake

The fascinating history of this model dates back to 1983. Back in the day, Converse Fastbreak model was dedicated for basketball players. However, today Fastbreak shows what "urban style" means. When first released, its approval by NBA players significantly boosted its popularity. It was in these sneakers that Michael Jordan played during the 1984 Olympic Games, and his pair was later sold for almost $200k.

Converse Fastbreak Hi Snake "White" 160308C  

The thing about Converse Fastbreak Hi Snake is its lightweight but at the same time solid construction with breathable upper on the top of that. Their high collar, reaching above the ankle, protects the bone from concussions and abrasions. The foot's stabilization on the other hand is ensured by them being laced to the top. But it's not thanks to its strictly technical features that this model is mentioned in the blog post all about style...  

Converse Fastbreak Hi Snake owe its place here their versatile silhouette - a design in which tradition, modernity and streetstyle features merge together. Also, the trimming made of high-quality grain leather has been embossed so to resemble texture of snake skin. At the same time, there's no reason to worry - it's all about the snake skin pattern, while the colors themselves remain as neutral as possible. The sneakers in question come in two versions- white and black - both equally versatile. The design, kept traditional but coupled with slightly exotic details and versatile colors, makes Converse Fastbreak Hi Snake a great match for an everyday skinny jeans and hoodie outfit. At the same time, they will look not one bit worse when coupled with a more elegant outfit, composed of jeans and a shirt. Those Converse will also harmonize with your favorite tracksuit during weekend shopping. It's one of those shoes that you can put on to match quite everything.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The world's most recognizable sneakers do not need an introduction. The age-old model soon will be a 100 years old, and its popularity is still unmatched. Made famous by Chuck Taylor, a star basketball player, the model was named after him. This is the very model that initiated the sneakers boom. A whole class of footwear was later being design to resemble pattern and bear similarity to the popular "Chucks". In the 1950s and 60s of XX century sneakers became a symbol of a rebellious youth and a hallmark of punks and rockmen. During the current revival, their classic look often supersedes increasingly fancy sneakers.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is probably the most universal shoe design in the world. Until today, countless versions, ploying upon and diversifying the classic shape were released. This yields an absolute individuality of their footwear for all. So, considering them in general, it's safe to say that for any look, a pair of matching "chucks" can be found. If you're focused on the details, you should get classic white or black model with a unimitable star on the ankle. Low top variants of the classic model will work just as well.      

Converse Chuck Taylor As Nike Flyknit

The whole Converse brand can is pretty much Chuck Taylor model. Many further Converse releases were iteration of this absolute original. It's no different with Nike Flyknit-themed chucks. Since 2003 both brands belong to one and the same owner. Unlimited cross designing possibilities were thus unleashed. In this case, the resulting model has a distinctively Converse silhouette and the Nike's Flyknit material. This way the released sneaker is lighter, which works great on those days you put a strain on your feet.

The upper, astonishingly lightweight and breathable is not the only advantage of Chuck Taylor As Nike Flyknit. Chuck Taylor As Nike Flyknit. Their first and foremost feature is the force of expression. The deisgn allows expressing yourself by adding an interesting detail to your everyday look. Their versatile whiteness makes a classy fit into a generally bright look, but on the other hand it can just as easily contrast black trousers and a leather jacket.


Versaility is one Converse hallmarks. Basketball arena is where they originated, but today these sneakers are much more often seen on the streets. Not so strongly associated with subcultures anymore, they still allow to emphasize your own style. Grab one of the models mentioned above and make sure that regardless of the rest, you will look fashionable and keep your individuality.  


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