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What sneakers will match men's jeans?


Finding sneakers that will go with jeans seems to be a piece of cake, after all, we think that jeans are such all-purpose pants that every shoe model will match them. However, it isn’t always 100% true and in the case of certain looks, it is better to choose specific shoes that go with the casual style. So which sneakers match jeans the most? Check out some of our suggestions.

Classic sneakers for men

Probably no one will be surprised that jeans and sneakers look good together. However, when choosing your sneakers to wear with jeans, you need to pay attention to a few details. What to focus on?

  • The leg length and the upper height
  • If you prefer high top sports shoes, roll up your leg to the height of your upper.

    Then you will look not only stylish but also neat.

  • The color of your jeans and shoes
  • Black and white sneakers dominate the streets. You can also go for various color versions, however, you need to remember about matching the color of your shoes to the color of your pants. When it comes to the classic look, go for black pants and white sneakers. On the other hand, black shoes should be combined with grey or blue jeans.

  • Minimalist look
  • You will get the minimalistic and elegant look by combining black sneakers and black pants.

  • Bold combinations
  • If you love ragged pants, choose colorful, wild sneakers that will make you more chic and bold.

  • Remember about the rest of the look
  • Choosing the right shoes and jeans is only one step to success. Complement the pants with a matching polo or regular t-shirt. You can also go for a sports shirt. Make sure that you have in your wardrobe something warmer that will be suitable for cooler days such as a sweatshirt, sweater or a jumper.

Sneakers to wear with jeans - mind the season

When choosing sneakers that will match your jeans, you need to remember about the season. Try not to walk in white sneakers during rainy, autumn or winter seasons - when the streets are covered in slush. Wearing bright colored shoes on such days will only damage them. Take care of your health during the months when the temperature drops below zero - invest in insulated shoes that will give you the right thermal comfort. Caterpillars and Timberlands are brands whose footwear match the streetwear style and can be combined with jeans. Pay attention to fabrics from which the sneakers are made. Avoid suede models that can easily get drenched and damaged.

Sneakers to wear with jeans and shirts

The era of rigid, elegant look slowly ends. Fortunately, the fashion for smart casual - a clever combination of casual and festive clothes - is taking its place. So if you love streetwear, but for various reasons they make you wear a white, elegant shirt, you don't have to give up your comfortable sneakers. All you have to do is pick the right model that suits the occasion.

Remember about the right shoes that will suit elegant outfits!

No matter what style is your favorite, you should have at least a pair of elegant shoes in your wardrobe - there are moments in life when every man needs to wear a suit and such shoes will match it perfectly.

Elegant men shoes to wear with jeans

The choice is rather simple when it comes to choosing sneakers that will match your jeans. However, things get a bit complicated when you need to select elegant shoes. A pair of pants for special occasions deserve good company. Go for oxfords for spring and autumn and jodhpur boots for autumn and winter. Alternatively, you can also buy moccasins which will be perfect for the summer season. Remember to wear them with short socks, not the standard length ones.

Perfect shoes to wear with jeans - summary

You have numerous options to choose from when creating sports looks accentuated by jeans. Go for your favorite sneakers, timberlands or moccasins. Don’t forget about matching your look to the season - in winter, it's better to choose a darker, insulated sports shoes. On the other hand, in summer you can go for white and light models. But remember that a real gentleman should have at least a pair of elegant shoes in his wardrobe - no matter which model you choose, wear it with a suit for formal parties or special occasions. Do you want to find the perfect sneakers for your jeans? Check out the offer of our online store!

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