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Dr Martens is a British footwear brand. Its reputation for being ultimately iconic is no coincidence. This manufacturer has a history of controversy and inspiration, and more importantly, it’s famous for supporting individualism. Nowadays everybody would like a pair of these boots for their comfort and original style. See the variety of models we have in SneakerStudio and choose a pair for yourself!


The history behind Dr Martens boots 

The first model of Dr Martens boots is the iconic 1460, which was first launched in 1960. Although it might seem like the beginning of Dr Martens boots, in fact everything started much earlier. In 1900 two men – Benjamin Griggs and Septimus Jones – started a company with a view to manufacturing footwear. Despite the initial enthusiasm, the gentlemen broke off their collaboration in 1910 and each of them went his own way. Benjamin still wanted to make shoes, so he started a new company, R. Griggs & Co. Ltd., together with his son. The company was successful almost overnight, and continued to grow in the next decades. But the real revolution took place in 1960, with the arrival of the iconic 1460 model.

Dr Martens boots in subculture 

In the beginning, Dr Martens boots were used mainly by the working class. It changed in mid-1960s, when the skinhead subculture appeared. Its members opted for a clear reference to the working-class traditions and chose their attire accordingly. It was a significant development for Dr Martens. Th brand was also popular among  punks, goths, fans of glam rock and metal, who sported either Converse trainers or Dr Martens boots.

Dr Martens - the golden mean

The portfolio of the British brand includes a variety of models, which differ in silhouette and design. This is why everybody will find something to suit their taste. You can see how the brand manages to reconcile various client segments by offering a wide range of footwear. Some will look for hardcore combat boots, others will go for classic low-cut shoes to match semi-formal outfits, while others yet will appreciate eye-catching designer models. This is to prove that boots by Dr Martens can’t be described with a single word - the same goes for the people who choose them. These boots are a perfect balance between classic taste and individual style.

Footwear by Dr Martens in SneakerStudio

It’s impossible to mistake Dr Martens boots for any other kind of footwear. It’s a great choice for those who appreciate individual style and don’t want to go with the flow. A chunky tread sole combined with a high shaft guarantee functionality.

In our online store you will find Dr Martens boots for men and women. You can pick from among summer and winter models. Summer collection includes low-cut models, while winter boots come with a warm lining. You will definitely notice that these boots earned their reputation not only for their looks, but also for their practical features.

If you feel you have the spirit of a rebel, pick your pair of Dr Martens boots. Products offered by this brand are a perfect alternative for the popular sneakers. If you want to rise above the mainstream, explore what’s in store for you in SneakerStudio!


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