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Every sneakerhead should have at least one basic shirt in his wardrobe. Or ten. Sounds absurd? Not at all! A man in a shirt attracts ten times more attention than one in a T-shirt. It’s not that we want to play stylish T-shirts down, but sometimes it’s good to change a thing or two in your appearance. It could be a trendy men’s shirt. Where do you get one? On! Check out models in this category!


Checkered style – sports shirts for men


A checkered shirt is one of the best choices for a stylish sneakerhead. Good examples are Sacramento models by Dickies. Checkered button-down models will be a perfect option for an evening out with friends or for a day in the office. Why so? This is undoubtedly because checkered patterns have recently been increasingly popular. And they are here to stay. You will also notice that these shirts are a perfect reflection of city vibes. Nearly one hundred years ago they were popular among fans of American engines: hot-rods, lowriders and heavy motorbikes. Nowadays these shirts are number one for all sneakerheads, who know a good style when they see it.


Formal men’s shirts in SneakerStudio


Check is great for streetwear outfits, but don’t forget about formal shirts for men. You will also find them in our online store. You can take your pick from among the most popular colours, including the all-time favourites: black and white. The latter will look great under a blazer, while the former are perfect for semi-formal outfits. It is also good to look at blue shirts: they are the best if you want an attractive smart-casual look. Slim fit trousers, blue shirt for men and a V-neck jumper – this is all you need to steal the show at the company meeting or a university lecture.


Everyday shirts for men


If you are looking for a store that has men’s shirts you could wear every day, this is the place to go! In SneakerStudio you will find both checkered models, which were mentioned before, and more formal variants. The best thing about shirts is that you can wear them with virtually anything. Depending on the type, they will go well with a suit or with your favourite pair of jeans. Men’s shirt can be tucked in your trousers or untucked if you opt for a sporty style. If you want a sophisticated finish, button it up. And if you’d rather go for a relaxed style, unbutton it to show the T-shirt underneath. Whatever rocks your boat!


Shirts for every man


Stores with men’s shirts offer a wide range of this versatile garment. SneakerStudio is no different in this respect. Products available in our online store come in all shapes, patterns and colours. You can choose trendy classic shirts for men or more extravagant models with colourful prints. You can also decide between short- and long-sleeved variants. The world of men’s shirts is full of stripes, checks and more creative prints. Choose a model which suits you best and style it to create your own distinctive style. Since our online store has a wide range of shirts, you will definitely find one for every occasion.


Designer brand shirts for men


SneakerStudio has shirts made by many well-known brands, such as e.g. Wood Wood, Makia or Levi’s®. Each one is trendy. Each one is stylish. Each one is comfortable. We could spend a whole day praising them, and it would still not be enough. You will understand it only when you decide to pick one of the available models.


Products by world-famous brands are known not only for their unique style, but also extreme durability. These clothes last for more than one season. This is so because they were made with top-quality fabrics and designed with great attention to detail. If you choose a shirt with a recognisable logo, you can be sure it will survive numerous encounters with the washing machine and you’re still going to look great in it.


Who would have thought – in the past, a shirt was regarded as underwear and hidden underneath other clothes. Nowadays it is an inherent and readily exposed item of menswear. Check out available shirts and pick one that suits your style. See for yourself how much a shirt can do. Go for a stylish look every day!

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