Fila Disruptor

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This is one of the most recognisable shapes in the world of sneakers. Although this model dates back to the 1990s, it is now experiencing a revival. Fila Disruptor is a model that is readily dubbed as ugly. But it is a deliberate ugliness, typical of the normcore style. There’s no accounting for taste, but you have to admit these sneakers are special in their own way. The serrated outsole and typical whiteness are two most characteristic features of Fila Disruptor. And sneakerheads seem to love them, because this model has caused a genuine revolution of the brand and is now regarded as its flag product.


Fila Disruptor - icon of the 1990s

Looking at Fila Disruptor now, it’s impossible to resist a journey in time to remember the 1990s. Those who remember that decade will surely feel nostalgic - think of the music, entertainment and... fashion of those days. And the fashion was rather unique back then. Nowadays you would not shrink from using the word “tacky” to describe it, although at the time, not everybody would agree. Anyway, those days features oversize clothes in bright and mismatched colours. And among the most popular footwear we would have to mention Fila Disruptor - chunky, sparkling white and evocative of the favourite boy bands. It seems obvious why these sneakers were so popular back then. But what makes them so sough-after nowadays?

Fila Disruptor sneakers -  a streetwear must-have

You could think that with the 1990s fashion gone, Fila Disruptor would soon be forgotten. Even if it was so, it didn’t last long, because in 2016 a famous Russian designer restored this model to its former glory. These shoes were once again seen in the streets and now they are here to stay. The brand, which started out in 1911 as an Italian lingerie manufacturer, became famous for its Fila Disruptor sneakers in the 1980s and was sold to Koreans in 2007, was once again in fashion!

Fila Disruptor Low and other variants of the iconic model

The best about Fila Disruptor is that it comes in so many variants. It is only fitting that an iconic product should be revived in various forms and options, so that everybody can find something for themselves. Among the most widely chosen variants we can see Fila Disruptor Low - sneakers that attract your attention with a multitude of colours  and patterns. What remains unchanged is their exposed serrated outsole and chunky silhouette. As regards the finish, everybody can choose different product aesthetics - from classic to modern.

In our online store you will find Fila Disruptor Low and many other variants of the legendary model. If you like to stand out and appreciate streetstyle, these shoes are a must-have. See what we have here for you in SneakerStudio and choose the model you like best!


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