Women's winter shoes

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Late autumn used to be the time when you said goodbye to your favourite sneakers. Nowadays you can keep them on even when it’s cold and wet. On SneakerStudio.com you will find many designer models of sports shoes with warm lining. This is a perfect way to make your winter outfit express your true self!


Designer brand winter shoes for women – available on SneakerStudio.com


  • What kind of designer shoes do we have on SneakerStudio.com? We would like to show you a few examples:
  • Winter boots for women by Inuikii – cutting edge models with a thick outsole teamed with lace-up upper.
  • Winter boots by Timberland, New Balance, Diemme – footwear for special purposes!
  • Sneakers by Fila or Vans with warm lining – you no longer have to give up your favourite sports shoes in winter – in warm-lined shoes by Fila or Vans you won’t freeze.·     Winter shoes for ladies by Sorel – low-cut and high-top sneakers with a wave sole – here’s something for those of you who love innovative solutions.
  • UGG boots – classic option for your winter outfits; they will go with jeans or joggers. They are especially good for freezing but dry days.


Winter boots for women - what to choose?


In our online store we have a wide choice of winter boots. It’s good to have a closer look at each model, before you choose one for yourself. Winter is a tough time. It is a rough and demanding season, which calls for special solutions. Unless you choose wisely, you may end up with a cold or worse. And even if you manage to avoid illnesses, you may be stuck in uncomfortable shoes all day long, which is almost just as bad. What should you remember when choosing women’s winter boots?

First of all, look at the outsole. If it provides a good grip, you will avoid slipping on an ice-bound pavement. Slippery roads are often the cause of accidents and injuries. And this is the last thing you need in winter. This is why you should take care to pick a model whose outsole guarantees proper grip. You may want to choose a pair with a solid tread sole.

Another thing is the upper. It should be high and warm-lined on the inside. This will keep your feet warm and protect them from snow, which could make its way inside your boots. If you want something really warm and cosy, go for Moon Boots, which have been quite popular of lately. They look a bit like traditional Inuit mukluks.

When choosing winter shoes for ladies, it’s also good to have a look at the materials used for production and the details. Sometimes it happens that a tiny detail impacts your comfort. If you want to be sure your boots will not soak or slip on ice, inspect their technical parameters. In our online store we have products from world-famous brands, which are known for top-quality products.


Looking for women’s winter boots? Stylish designer models are here on SneakerStudio.com


If you are looking for warm sneakers or boots for special purposes, which will resist wind, snow and sub-zero temperatures, check out what’s in store! On SneakerStudio.pl you will find all sorts of winter boots for ladies. We have models from such brands as Dr. Martens or  Timberland. Both are known for their reliable ankle boots, which are a perfect combination of functionality and design. With such boots you will create comfortable everyday outfits and still be dressed to kill.

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